ENVIE DE VOYAGE cacao nibs Criollo from Peru 180g

ENVIE DE VOYAGE cacao nibs Criollo from Peru 180g

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A true epicurean voyage from the richness of the African ground to the jungle of Peru.  

ENVIE DE VOYAGE is best for wine, coffee and liqueur. A very dark cacao bar covered with raw organic cacao nibs from Peru, Criollo bean. The Criollo variety of pinkish colour is the most precious among cacao beans and grows merely in the Central America region. In this case, the beans are dried naturally in the sun to preserve all the fruity and flowery flavours. 

A delight for Real Cacao Lovers !

Ingredients :

83% cacao African Trilogy : Ghana, Sao Thomé, Ivory Coast, raw Criollo nibs from Peru 100% organic, untreated sugar, cacao butter.

This product is 100% natural, handmade, vegan, gluten, dairy-free, fair-trade. It contains no nuts.