How to care for your chocolate

They say Chocolate dislikes the fridge and humidity! 

And they are right! This is true except for our Truffles who like to be kept at low temperature. They live a very ephemeral, yet intense life of pleasure and bliss. Only 10 little days! Therefore, while in their original package, they will stay fresh and happy in a cute-looking metal box, wrapped into a kitchen towel, to protect them from humidity and in the lowest draw of your fridge, where the temperature is the warmest.

Our Bars and our Rocks are content living also in a beautiful-looking metal box, kept in their La Loba original package. The ideal temperature is 18-20 degrees Celsius. Over 25C, Chocolate simply melts. As the heating can be intense in households during European winters, the best place could well be a hallway, a cupboard away from the radiator.
They will last you 6-7 months unless you cannot resist to devour them.

Please reach out to us for any further enquiry, we will be more than happy to discuss Chocolate with You! Enjoy!!