Le Chant de la Baleine - 83% cacao African Triology originating from Ghana, Ivory Coast & Sao Thomé with crystal salt from Iceland collected manually on the Arctic Sea since 1753. Strong yet not bitter.

LE CHANT DE LA BALEINE salt from Iceland 160g

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* The Song of the Whale * The first time I got to hear ✨A song from a whale✨, it was off the northern coast of Iceland. On a summer day, 12C in July, while Icelanders were wandering happily in short sleeve T-shirts !

Humpback whales were giving birth and migrating to warm waters. That day, despite an ocean shaken by the rain and the wind of the Arctic, six of them had come to dance around the boat. This chocolate bar,  83% intense pure black cocoa & Arctic salt. Stemming from a 300-year-old process, mystical and tasty Arctic salt is naturally heated by geothermal sources in Iceland. Deep but delicate taste, it melts lovingly in the cacao mass.

Ingredients : 83% pur cacao from Africa, salt from the Arctic sea, untreated sugar, cacao butter. This product is 100% natural, handmade, vegan, gluten, dairy-free, fair-trade