La Chocolatière

In a  special moment in time, Chocolate came to me as the ultimate bond with humans, a bond I craved for. The magic of Chocolate showed its incredible power, its ability to provide simple, beautiful pleasure to those indulging it.

With just the very sight of Chocolate, I saw eyes sparkling with joy and stern faces brighten up with giggles. In my heart, there was no place for doubt, I had to be part of it!

And this is how the story went. Back when I lived in California and used to sit with my friends on the steps of my sunny bungalow, offering them real Swiss Chocolate, sent I-L-L-E-G-A-L-L-Y and hidden in socks, by my mother - God Bless Her! - came the name : Ms. Chocolate.

In December 2015, I purchased my first spatula. Shortly after that, La Loba Chocolatière was born among the wooden walls of Chalet Martin, a magnificent chalet built in 1909 in the Swiss Alps, where I dropped my suitcase for a while.

Once again, the heart prevails and finds its way through humankind. As when it is poured into a thing, love brings it to life.
It has been an amazing journey so far. Am so honoured to welcome you onboard!

Am committed to offer conscious quality goods to you with the respect of your beings as I would for myself, as I am the first consumer of my Chocolate creations.
And excited to take you along an epicurean journey of flavours and smells.

With Love  For Pleasure

~Estelle, a.ka. Ella