TERRA SUMAQ: Beautiful Earth in Quechua

TERRA SUMAQ: Beautiful Earth in Quechua

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In the Quechua language still commonly spoken in the mountains of Peru, we speak of the earth in these terms. Terra Sumaq, Beautiful Earth, and rightly so. Because the Maya 2500 years ago already cultivated the Criollo bean, the rarest, sought after, fragile and more precious that is. This bean also known as cocoa noble, which responds significantly to its environment, draws from this beautiful land, delicate aromas with fine and fragrant tastes.

Crushed, left raw and deeply authentic, she dresses a sweet milk chocolate delicately with Maltitol (assimilable fructose for sugar intolerance, type diabetes)

A crispy alloy, surprising in the mouth by its original aromas.

Ingredients: 48% cocoa, milk, Maltitol, raw Criollo bean from Peru, pure cocoa butter.